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Granzow is a leading supplier for the industry of screw compressors, compressed air treatment, energy friendly compressor controls.

We also produce a complete range of solutions related to automation products, such as bursting discs, bursting panels, fittings, thermostats, valves, pneumatic cylinders. An extensive program of efficient pumps as high pressure pumps, diaphragm pumps, hose pumps, mobile pumps. Complete line of vacuum pumps, measurement equipment, leak detection systems and sputter systems.

Oil lubricated screw compressors

Their screw compressors manufactured in Germany manufactured to the highest quality and with a long life span of the screw airend guaranteed.

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Granzow also deliver efficient compressed air solutions, with an exceptional service even when easy access to a space is tight. Their heat recovery systems offer excellent energy savings which in turn will reduce a client's carbon foot print.

Compressor controls

This efficient energy control unit is equipped with a large back-lit LC display which transmit clear text, highlighting any error/maintenance messages.


Oil-free, diaphragm pumps for pumping liquids with houses in aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, with the possibility of diaphragms, valves, etc in PTFE, EPDM, NBR, Nitrile and NRS, with a capacity up to 40m3/hr and custom-built pumping stations for pumping sludge for example.



Complete product range in vacuum from Leybold.


Innovative industrial solutions for the efficient and clean production of Food, Clothing, Transportation Systems, Infrastructure, Energy and Electronics.


Granzow service all types of compressors, vacuum pumps and rotating equipment. Maintenance is carried out by specially trained technicians, who are able to work on any system regardless of its make. In addition, they have a highly specialised workshop that can create unique customised solutions.



Solenoid offshore valves made from SS316, which are supplied with material certificates and explosion proof coils.

About Granzow

Their history goes back with proud and festive traditions through nearly 80 years. It started in 1935 when Ernst Granzow in Copenhagen created Københavns Trykluftselskab - Copenhagen Compressed Air and Pneumatics Company.

Ernst Granzow was known as a man with a flair for marketing. Among other things he rebuilt a Rolls Royce Hooper for service trucks and gave it full company painting. It opened peoples' eyes when it came out in the country, and the company grew steadily.


Our vision is to be among the leading vendors within the compressor, automation, vacuum and pump technology, and to be known for our high level of competence, quality and value-added solutions - providing our customers high reliability and good economy.



Our business mission is to contribute to profitable growth for customers, suppliers and partners by offering effective solutions of high quality so that it creates value for stakeholders

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